During my 12 years as art director and head creative of New Scientist, every day brought a fresh and exciting design challenge for this leading weekly news title in a very competitive consumer market.

I was responsible for the magazine's overall design and art direction, overseeing a small team of designers and dedicated information graphics designers. I worked closely with editors and web developers, and served on the editorial management and strategy team.

In presenting subjects ranging from string theory to reality, time and the environment to a discerning all-ages readership who are excited by ideas, science and technology, I had to grasp the underlying concepts intellectually and problem-solve creatively in order to commission eye-catching cover images and features throughout the magazine. 

In the process, I built up a worldwide contact book of award-winning illustrators and photographers, collaborating closely with them to create beautiful stand-out images, on time and on budget. Many of the New Scientist covers I commissioned are among the magazine's highest-selling issues.